The founders  of Hello Pretty could not ignore the plight of vulnerable and destitute children in their  rural home who to some extent are neglected and abandoned thus fail to get the vital basic education .We are a small education institution offering humanitarian care for the needs of the poverty stricken children in rural Kenya. This is where these children  learn to know  the value of a family in which they are cared  for, loved and educated  until such a time they  will be able to take care of themselves and their own future families.

The Problem

Children are the greatest  country’s resource and represent hope for a better future, but deaths due prevalence of HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, competition for the scarce resources, diseases, Political and family conflicts, drug abuse and addiction and lack of educational opportunities put these children at extreme risks  for illiteracy, illness, hopelessness, abuse and meager resources accessible in the common  definition of the poor child living in rural Kenya. Few opportunities exist, that allow them learn and grow to their full potential.

Although the Kenyan government offers free education for all children at primary school level, the children are still expected to pay school fees, buy their own school uniform [Without which they cannot attend school], provide their own food and in some cases there are not enough school desks and learning resources with children having class size of over 50 in a tiny room. This lack of opportunity results in perpetuation  poverty cycle allowing them to neither contribute to their full capacity to the community nor be able to take advantage of all that their society and the World has to offer. It is in light of this predicament, that the Hello Pretty was founded to meet these needs of the ever increasing needs of these dear ones and give them the opportunity to live to their full potential and add value to humanity.


Primary program

The primary learning is one course which will support students to grade 8 based on Kenyan curriculum. The program is demanding the fact that students need some basic needs to create a good learning environment, this include; desks, books and school uniform and above all classrooms. It’s in this spirit that we call fourth any contribution which will be of great significance.


The nursery caters for the small children who have reached school going age

For the program to run affectively we need support from well-wishers.

Currently we have volunteer teachers and support staff who also need support for their up keep.

Most parents spend most of their time in the farms. This makes the pupils idle at home. Hello Pretty provides an ample playground for the pupils, as they play we expose them to early childhood education, they are introduced to their first education experiences. Due to the poverty levels in the region, most families find it impossible to afford three meals a day. Our Centre tries to offer food to the children however difficult it is.

Hello Pretty is open to take care of vulnerable children whose parents and guardian are unable to keep at home due to lack of food and other basic essential needs.

The poverty level in rural Kenya is the highest in Kenya thus forces the single parents / guardians to abandon these children in search of casual farming jobs for their up keep.

This calls for sponsors  to come on board to support these children, pay for their tuition, buy uniforms, help them get at least one meal per day during school hours, provide them with learning materials e.g. books and desks and other stationery.


The goal of this program is to provide career ‘Mentoring for prosperity” that can help the children from the Centre develop their skills, talents and understanding of different career fields.

The village is one of the poorest in western part of the country, and as a result, its residents face many challenges. This is particularly the case for school-age children, who often lack access to proper education facilities and mentorship opportunities.

In order to address the issues, the Hello Pretty program hosts mentorship sessions within the Centre. Most sessions are held on Saturday mornings and afternoons, and includes presentation from guest speakers.

Through encouraging students to pursue their various career ambitions and providing a positive mentorship experience, Hello Pretty strives to support the students and community as a whole.


Sponsoring a child

It cost less than $40 per month to sponsor a child at Hello Pretty, which totals to $480 per year. This fund caters for food and tuition. By sponsoring a child at Hello Pretty you became a vital part of securing that child’s future and giving him/her a second chance of life.

Hello Pretty is grateful to welcome you into the extended family of supporters of children. Your contribution allows the vulnerable child the opportunity to live and enjoy a normal life. Majority of this allows the child to receive access to education that will sustain him/her in future

As the sponsor of the child, you have the absolute right to decide the amount you would like to give. Hello Pretty appreciates any amount as well as food stuffs, school uniform, school fees as subsidize to donations.

Your sponsorship payment schedule is really upon yourself.

Hello Pretty will enter a pledge for each of your active sponsorship every month of each calendar year. As a sponsor, your installment schedule and whether to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually is your own choice.

Hello Pretty will send to the sponsors a detailed progress report about the sponsored child including his/her picture. In addition you will receive acknowledgement of any special gift you send.

Thank you for availing your funds and time to become Hello Pretty child sponsor and welcome you to our extended family of supporters .You are an asset in life of these children and your generous contribution and prayers are not In vain.


Hello Pretty appeals to you to consider on how well you can impact the lives of these vulnerable children and offer them bright future.

Hello Pretty receives no funding from the government of Kenya. We therefore fully depend on donations from generous people, corporates and other organizations.

Due to the ever increasing needs from vulnerable children Hello Pretty is desperately trying to expand its facilities to provide comprehensive care to more needy children. The donation to Hello Pretty is geared towards improving the overall state of the Centre and help vulnerable children to shape their future.

Hello Pretty is opened to any kind of donation either kind or deed because the children are in dire need of food, clothes ,uniforms ,school fees ,desks, books and toys for baby care.

Hello Pretty also encourages all to support through various means including volunteering at the Centre. This will go a long way in impacting your experience and knowledge to these children. It will also help you to share, advice and execute your potential and talent to these children. THANKS AND GOD BLESS YOU.